Of A Sports Man In VelTech,Chennai.

Latest Events I Crossed

 + 2006 + 
participated in Marathon took place in Chennai on this May 06, and I have been the 3rd place winner among two thousands of runners.



 + 2005 - 2006 + 
Athletics (5000m, 10,000m, half marathon, 800m, 400m) in inter college meet & football with the spot light of Overall Championship Winner . And in Anna University too...



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MY Sincere Thanks   
+IT Acumens & Team+
Here by I thank them for their guidance and presence for me in Web to Share about me to Millions
+Vel's Group+
My College Encouraged me a lot for more outdoor participation and helping me by Various Rewards.

+My Sincere Salute 2 Them+

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